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So I got a Hydreigon in Pokémon sword that is Timid and with perfect IVS. I just finished EV training with 252 spa/252spd/4hp. then noticed that I have the egg move Belch on him. is there a good method to making Hydreigon consume a berry for the move to be used? Is it worth keeping the move instead of using Choice specs or choice scarf? As of right now my move set is Nasty Plot, Assurance or Dark pulse (I am still deciding which, help me), Dragon Pulse and Belch. I am open to any suggestions on my Move set but mostly just want some knowledge on how to make Belch work. I don't want to just throw away the egg move but I will if I have to.

Definitely go Dark Pulse over Assurance; Assurance is physical.
You could mke it have a speed increasing berry, and then have the pokemon that has the move tea time. THen you will get a speed increase and your berry eaten.

*This only works in doubles battles*
What format/rules are you playing?

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One way to use Belch would be to use a berry that restores health. I recommend the pinch berries over Sitrus and Oran berries because they restore more health.

Basically, attack your target until you consume your berry. As soon as you eat your berry, you can use Belch over and over again. This is a great move because it counters the growing number of Fairy Types in competitive. Your Hydreigon is extremely fast, so it will probably go before most Fairy Types.
Also try to replace Assurance with Dark Pulse. Hydreigon's higher Sp. Atk, Timid Nature, and Nasty Plot means Dark Pulse will do more damage overall.
Try this technique, and hopefully your Hydreigon will be a nightmare for Roosting Togekisses and Calm Minding Sylveons.
Hope this helps :D!