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Sorry everyone I know half of this question has sort of been answered already, but I am desperate on which item should my new hydreigon hold. I was thinking of choice scarf since his speed is only mediocre. But then again, other ones may be good too. So far, my guy has:

[email protected] Scarf/Ability:Levitate
-Dragon Pulse
-Dark Pulse
-Fire Blast

The other question is: Is power or accuracy better for competitive battling on WI-FI. Once again, I'm sorry for reposting this. And thanks to the people who can answer this!^^


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Considering that Hydregion doesn't have the best defensive stats, accuracy and regaining life can really help. Like with Fire Blast, it's the only thing that covers your ice type weakness, so you want accuracy to be pretty high. So a Wide Lense will be your best bet for that.

Another option would be to get a brightpowder and make the opponent miss you. It can really make a difference in a battle.

And my last suggestion is a Leftovers. Get all the life you can and, like accuracy, it can really make a difference.

Hope this helps =)