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Hydreigon knows the following:

Dark Pulse
Draco Meteor
Flamethrower/Heat Wave

Please answer quickly with advantages and disadvantages of both!

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Well, either works, to be honest. I'll give you 3 choices...

Flamethrower: Great move. 95 Power isn't bad at all, and has a 100% accuracy. Go for it if you want strong, consistent damage.

Heat Wave:Great move for double battles and in general. only slightly stronger than Flamethrower, but watch out for that 10% chance of missing.

Fire Blast: Now, if you really want to go all out and dont fear missing every once in a while, go with this. the 120 power is really good, and brings in the KO's.

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THANKS Leboss! That is really helpful. I think I will go for choice number 2, I DON'T mind a missing probability of 1/10.