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I was in the battle subway with a parted (not real life partener) she had a chandelure with heat wave and she dominated!! What do you have to breed to get a chandelure with heat wave?

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Flamethrower is probably better.
Ikr she DOMINATED I didnt use my hydreigon or hitmonlee. Her name is hilda

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Here are the steps:
Slugma Magcargo
1. Get a Male Slugma or Magcargo in Gen IV and teach it Heat Wave via Move Tutor.
In Platinum:

  • Go to the tutor in the Survival area.
  • 4 Red Shards
  • 2 Green Shards
  • 2 Blue Shards
    In HeartGold/ Soulsilver:

  • The tutor can be found at the Frontier Access.

  • 48 Battle Points

  1. Poke Transfer it over to your Gen V game.

  2. Get a female Litwick, Lampent, or Chandelure and breed it with the Slugma or Magcargo that knows Heat Wave.

  3. The Litwick baby will now know Heat Wave

Source: Bulbapedia/ Chandelure

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If you looked this up yourself ( http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/chandelure ), you would've found out you have to breed it specially to get Heat Wave.

I knew that but somepeople don't want to take 1 min from there lives to reasearch and some people may want to know because its pretty populer chandelure