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Hydreigon @Lum Berry
Trait: Levitate
Nature: Hasty (+Spd. -Def.)
EV's: 252 Sp.Atk 252 Atk. 4 Def.

  • Stone Edge
  • Outrage/Dragon Rush
  • Fly/Acrobats
  • Tri Attack

>Which Is Best For This?
(I Have White.)


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Fly- 90 damgage, 2 turn move.
Acrobatics-55 damage, doubles if the user isn't holding an item.

I would go with Acrobatics, after you eat you Lum Berry, becuase then the power is 110.

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If I Give It A Flying Gem It Would Have A Base Power Of
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The Rest Of The Battle Would Be 110 :) Thanks! :)