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Sorry I was gonna use a sacraggy but dark pulse isnt a tm anymore so i've heard and am to lazy to look for the egg groups and stuff

Well from what I perused of Hydreigon's egg group (dragon) no one there can actually learn Dark Pulse, which to me means that you can't breed it to him. Of course I'm probably wrong as I have next to no knowledge about breeding, so don't take my word for it.
Clarrification: Do you have access to B/W 2 or not

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There is only one way to get Dark Pulse onto Hydreigon in BW without B2W2. You need access to a Gen IV game and an Arbok/ Gyarados. Both can learn Dark Pulse via TM, so teach a male of those species Dark Pulse, transfer into BW and they will be able to breed with a female Hydreigon for the resulting Deino to have Dark Pulse.


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