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As any experienced player knows, Generation IV made a change so that physical and special moves did not depend on type. Slowbro/slowking are weak to electric, bug, grass, ghost and dark. Based on how commonly those types are used offensively, and which stat they generally use, which is better to evolve a slowpoke into? A slowbro, which has a better defense, or a slowking, which has a better special defense. Note that all of their other stats are the same.


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I think having the higher Special Defence is better for resisting those type, so my answer is Slowking.

The most common Ghost attack is probably Shadow Ball, which is a Special Attack.

Dark has two common attacks - Dark Pulse and Crunch. Crunch is probably more common, simply because many Dark types are physical attackers, and quite a few non-Dark Pokemon also have access to it for coverage. So that doesn't help much when deciding if Defence or Special Defence is more helpful.

The most common Grass attack is probably Giga Drain or Energy Ball. Solar Beam is also often used on Sun Teams. All of these are Special Attacks, so that is pretty easy. The only physical Grass attack you might see is Leaf Blade, but it has quite limited distribution.

As for the Electric type, most things will use Thunderbolt or Thunder. As they are Special Attacks that is another score for Slowking.

Finally the Bug type. X-scissor is probably the most common Bug attack, thanks to its TM status. For those Pokemon that get it, Bug Buzz is also a fairly common move. Like Dark, there is no clear winner here. One common move is Special, the other is Physical. X-scissor is probably more common, since it is a TM, and is a decent coverage move for some physical attackers.

So overall, Electric, Grass, and Ghost usually have Special moves, while Bug and Dark have common moves in both categories. Therefore I think that Special Defence will help more with his weaknesses than Defence.

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As electric, bug, grass, ghost and dark moves are specially most of the time, one would think Slowking is the superior of the two. This is however not the case, due to the types Water/Psychic resists. With resistance to Fighting, Fire, Water, Ice, Steel and Psychic, Slowbro is a amazing physical, especially in the lower tiers. And that is because it can easily sponge the above mentioned types with ease, but it all comes down to that neither Slowbro or Slowking should stay in on a super effective attack. As long as one can keep that up, Slowbro can keep on tanking until the end of time. Slowking lacks that ability to some extent, seeing as it can't stay in on SE attacks anyway and it's overall lacking Defense.
But due to their prime walling suspects mostly being Fighting, Water and Fire types, Bro can do its job better than King. Important to note is that these 3 types are incredibly common, especially in the lower tiers, making Slowbro all the better.

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I would actually suggest Slowbro, not for type coverage, but for this purpose: It can use Calm Mind and Slack Off. Because of this moveset, it can raise its Special Defense, and combined with its high Defense, makes it a great stall. You can heal whenever you want with Slack Off. Once its Special Attack is max, it becomes a deadly sweeper. Teach it whatever Special moves you want, preferably Scald and Psychic.