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Both of them are great.


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Depends on what your team needs:
Tyranitar and Hippo are both great to set up rocks.
However, that being said, they also lead different roles...

a well-known set this guy uses is a Dragon Dance set. after 2 DD's, he can basically destroy anything on the field.

this dude works works great when stalling. A nice Toxic + Slack Off + Protect can mess the foe up real bad. Also, he can work well with Stealth Rocks + Whirlwind.

Both are great, just depends on what your team needs. However, Hippo only has 3 weaknesses, while Tyranitar has 6.

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Tyranitar. Here are some Reasons:

  • Tyranitar is pseudo-legendarie, and has much better stats.
  • Tyranitar has a second type (Dark).
  • Tyranitar has a better movepool, that compliment its awesome stats.