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I'm looking for Rotom in the Old Chateau, 2nd floor in the 2nd room. It's not there, and why can't I find it?

All the it says is "The TV has an oddly malevolent feel...It's as if it is staring..." It Won't Battle

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You have to examine the TV in the Old Chateu between 8 pm and 4 am.
Rotom is level 15. The TV is in the middle of the room upstairs.

Look at this YouTube Video for more.

You have to interact with the TV. "It looks like there's a Pokemon in the old TV!" is what it will say.

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It is in the TV. Talk to the TV and it'll battle you. It'll say "It looks like there's a Pokemon in the old TV! The Pokemon attacked! Rotom Noise" Or something like that. Bonus: Once you battle it, it'll be level 15 and in it's normal form. It'll know Electro Ball, and Hex, and a couple of others. Oh, I almost forgot! You can only come out at 4 PM - 8 PM.

So, here are the three possible reasons you didn't find Rotom

  1. It's not 4-8 PM.
  2. You didn't interact with the TV, and Rotom didn't appear because of that.
  3. You're game is hacked or messed up.

Source: Experience

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