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I heard that you change Rotom's form in a room in the Eterna Galactic Building. Where is this room and where's the secret key that unlocks it?


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The secret room your talking about is accessible once you have cleaned the building out of any members of team galactic. There is a door between a book case and a wall. However it requires the secret key witch was a japanese only download event. The event has alos expired so I'm sorry to tell you, you cant change rotoms form in Pokemon platinum, unless you have the key.
Sorry man.

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yes. i need a hack to get the key.
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You must first obtain the Secret Key in order to get to the secret Rotom room and you have to go to Team Galactic's First Hideout in Eterna City and where the in the middle of the bookcase and wall is where is the Secret room is at use the key and it opens it up

thanks I feel so sad. :( is there a hack or something?