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So I was playing Platinum and need to decide a Fire-type (move user) for my team.

Rotom in its Heat Form learns Overheat,a really strong attack.Its decent Special Attack also goes nicely with some other moves such as Thunderbolt and Shadow Ball from which he'll get a STAB in as he is an Electric/Ghost type in Generation 4.

On the other hand,Flareon,with an amazingly high Attack stat,barely learns any Fire-type physical moves.But it's Special Attack is not as bad either.The problem is his Speed.Though it can also learn Shadow Ball that gives some coverage but it does not get a STAB from it.

So,I need your opinions on making a choice.You can give your own reasons on why should I choose the certain Pokemon.Thank you in advance :)

Actually Fire/Electric. Not a ghost.
Well,that's what I think before discovering that Rotom is Electric/Ghost no matter what form it's in in Generation IV.

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Flareon is the better choice

If you're starting platinum now, then you're out of luck for getting Rotom-H. There was an event getting a key where you have access to get the rotom forms. The event has obviously been over for a long time.
Besides, Flareon is better ingame wise. It helps with E4 Aaron a ton, also the Snowpoint Gym Leader.

Hope I helped!

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Let's compare them step by step, shall we?

Rotom - Heat

HP 50
Attack 65
Special Attack 107
Defense 105
Special Defence 107
Speed 86

Total: 520

Typing: 2 weaknesses, 7 resistances, and 1 immunity


  • Good Speed and Special Attack
  • Decent movepool
  • Special Attacker


  • Overheat has low PP
  • Overheat doesn't gain STAB
  • Using Overheat makes other moves' power go down


HP 65
Attack 130
Special Attack 60
Defense 95
Special Defence 110
Speed 86

Total: 525

Typing: 3 weakness, 4 resistances, and 1 immunity (Flash Fire)


  • Excellent Attack
  • Decent Special Attack
  • Decent movepool
  • Mixed Attacker (mostly Special, which is a waste of its Attack)


  • Low Speed
  • Poor Physical movepool, wasting it's abundant attack
  • Good attacks learned very at very late levels

This is where it gets confusing:

  • Flareon does not have any strong Physical STAB moves worth noting, with the exception of Fire Fang
  • Rotom - Heat gains access only to Overheat, which is not a STAB.

Any way, I'll leave the choice to you. Personal suggestion is, though, get another Pokemon as the primary Fire Type. Both of these are not good enough to be the Primary Fire type. If you still think that you must use either of these, go with Flareon, as PP is very important ingame, and PP Ups, Ethers, etc. are quite rare.

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Heat Rotom is better. less weaknesses, better stats and abilities and a good movepool for the weaknesses it does have.