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I want to have heat rotom, but I dont know how to get him, maybe you guys can help? It was because I got one recently from a wonder trade, and rotom has the levitate ability, so it basically takes away a 4x weakness. It also looks pretty neat so... Where do I change its forms?

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Depending on the game, its form can be changed at will in Rotom's Room in the Team Galactic Eterna Building, Rotom's Room in Silph Co., the storeroom in Shopping Mall Nine, on the second floor of Professor Sycamore's Lab in Lumiose City, in Professor Birch's Lab in Littleroot Town, in the basement of the Pokémon Research Lab on Alola's Route 1, or with a Rotom Catalog in Galar.


The Rotom Catalog can be obtained by defeating an NPC who is in one of the houses in Wyndon.

By selecting Microwave Oven, your Rotom will become Rotom-Heat.

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Thank u its because i didnt know hot to change my rotom
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There is an island with a rock arch in the Isle of armour where you can get all rotom forms.