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I have a good strategy for triple battling in B/W2. Have an Eelektross, Audino and Shedinja withe these moves:

Shedinja (Left)
Mimic (FR/LG Tutor move)

Audino (Middle)

Eelektross (Right)
Magnet rise (B/W2 Tutor move)

TURN 1 Have Audino use Entraitment on Eelektross, giving it regenerator/healer, Eelektross uses Magnet Rise so it can't be hit by Ground again. Shedinja uses mimic on Audino so Audino gets Wonder Guard.
TURN 2 Audino uses Entraitment on Eelektross again so Eelektross has Wonder Guard. Because of Magnet Rise, Eelektross is now invincible.

Before I put this to work, I'd like to know if there's any flaws in my plan, apart from the fact Magnet Rise would have to reused every 5 turns. Thanks!

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Thanks for your help!

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As Gligurr mentioned, Taunt kills this strategy. Also, you're not thinking correctly with Mimic. You would need to waste a turn to use Entrainment on Audino, because Mimic copies the move and replaces itself with the mimicked move. Meaning Shedinja needs to move first next turn and give Wonder Guard to Audino, and Audino to Eelektross. This would also mean that you must give Shedinja 84 Speed EVs assuming you have 31 Spd EVs in order to outspeed Audino, and Audino must not have any EVs in Speed. If you maxed out Audino's Speed, or made Audino's Speed higher than 196, this will fail. This is very stat reliant. Or else, you must ANOTHER turn to fully carry the strategy out.

This would take many turns to setup, and require extreme team support to carry out. I won't be surprised if someone didn't take out one of the Pokemon. Let's see:

  • Turn 1: Eelektross used Magnet Rise, Audino used Entrainment, Shedinja used Mimic, gained Entrainment.
  • Turn 2: Shedinja used Entrainment, Audino used Entrainment / Random move.
  • Turn 3, if Shedinja does not outspeed: Audino used Entrainment.

By that time, due to Shedinja's frailness, your opponent would have figured out the strategy and wiped the vital part of the strategy out.

Otherwise, this is a pretty common strategy, and is okay for surprising people, I guess.

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Someone can use taunt, so a fast taunter would be very nessecary. You can do this strategy on sableye rather than eelektross, so sableye can taunt the people who dare taunt audino. Giving audino heal pulse can help restore sableye's health from damage from burn or toxic. Otherwise, this is a great strategy.

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