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I noticed that Raikou could learn the move Quash, yet nobody ever uses the move. I, however, was looking into using the move. If anyone has any ideas on how to utilise Raikou’s Quash with some other Pokemon, that would be great. Thanks for reading!

Almost nobody plays triples anymore, so you might discover new strategies.

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There are a few reasons why this strategy won't work:

  1. There are much better Quash users than Raikou. Alolan Persian can support with fake out and parting shot, and Murkrow can use Quash with priority thanks to its Prankster ability.

  2. There is a better alternative in the aforementioned fake out. Forcing an opponent to not move, even for one turn, is way better than making them move last. For example, you can fake out a strong attacker while your partner sets up with a setup move like Swords Dance, or even Trick Room.

  3. Triples are rarely ever played, considering they were cut with the gen 7 games. You would have to play on the earlier games.

  4. Quash is not a very good move. The only use I could think of where it would be useful is paired with a slow attacker to protect it from fast attackers. But then there are many other moves that can do that. Tailwind, Icy wind, Electroweb, Fake Out, Sky Drop, and Ally Switch are some examples. The reason nobody uses it is because it sucks.

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