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Isn't that weird that a fainted Pokemon, in game, is still able to use an HM (fly, surf...)?


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Yes it is weird.
But think. You are in a route with no Pokemon centre for loads of wild grass in the way. Your only flying type Pokemon has fainted and it knows fly. You cannot battle anymore wild Pokemon because the are too strong. You have no repels. Only thing you can do is purposely black out. There could be more scenarios like getting stuck with no one to use strength.

So the ultimate reason is: Because GAMEFREAK wanted it like that.

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They programmed it like this so you wouldn't get 'stuck'.

If Fainted Pokemon could not use Strength, for example, you may get stuck in an area since you could not move the boulder if the only Pokemon in the party that knew it got knocked out. It's for the same reason that you cannot forget HM moves; so you cannot be forced to black out. Again, pure Game Freak logic. You'll have to get used to it, they're like this for everything.

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Yeah, it's weird..but what are you gonna do about it? It's just how Game Freak/The Pokemon Company wanted it... I'm not even sure if this is a question so much as speculation..

i just wanted to know if there was a specific justification for that..