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I know that mew can learn all HMs and TMs, but I was wondering if any other pokemon could learn enough more regular moves to have the most. I also wonder what pokemon can learn the largest veriaty of different move types.

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I checked against our database for PokemonDb and counted Black/White only. Including all moves, Mew is the highest at 114, followed by Gallade (88), Arceus (87), Absol (84) and Tyranitar (83).

Excluding TMs and HMs, Dewgong is the highest with 36 moves, followed by Charizard (35), Hariyama (34), Venusaur (34) and Typhlosion (34).

Since I'm in the mood for stats tonight, let's update this for Ultra Sun/Moon. Surprise surprise it's still Mew but now it learns 179 distinct moves. The top 10 are:

  1. Mew (179)
  2. Arceus (105)
  3. Gallade (104)
  4. Clefairy (102)
  5. Mewtwo (99)
  6. Blissey (97)
  7. Chansey (96)
  8. Audino (96)
  9. Pangoro (95)
  10. Mr. Mime (95)

Incidentally, Mew is still top without TM moves but that's due to move tutor moves in USUM. If you count level up moves only, Silvally is top with 26, followed by Mr. Mime and Steelix on 25.

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And though he technically learns one move, sneargle can learn almost every move in the game.
Yeah same with Ditto.
Every Pokémon can technically (except for Magikarp and Feebas) because of Metronome.