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I'm wondering

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No. It is impossible for a Pokemon to go down an evolution stage by all methods.

Source: Experience.

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Thanks Fizz! And don't say: No worries, glad to help!
Glad to help, no worries!
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Maybe X&Y will introduce some sort of a way to de-evolve Pokemon..? We can only wonder.
EDIT: wait, then it would turn the entire Pokemon franchise into a Digimon copycat. NVM
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They cannot devolve once they are evolved as the actual trigger is when they level. Over here!

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One way to PREVENT evolution is to press B while its evolving or give it the ever stone. You could also lay an egg of that Pokemon by breeding it with a Ditto. Before you judge your Pokemon first try to get along with your Pokemon. First let me know what Pokemon you're using. I know many ways to get along with any Pokemon depending on the kind.

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