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Since crobat is quite scary, so why if it needed happiness to evolve would just mean it is a softy.Also why does silver(your rival in HG/SS)have one, since he treats his pokemon badly

This has been bugging me for a while
Lol strange
This is interesting, it seems like Nintendo chose the MOST unlikely pokemon to get their new type of evolution. If you look up Crobat in the online pokedex, it says that Crobat's name is a mixture of "cross"(as in angry, upset, UN-happy, etc.) and "bat", so you need to make the "ghoul bat"(Golbat) happy to make it a "cross bat"(Crobat)...
To me, this seems totally illogical.
The Crobat evolution line could be similar to masochists - people who get pleasure from pain - as in being angry makes them happy causing Golbat to evolve into a Crobat.

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They just wanted to make new types of Evolution other than leveling up. It keeps the game interesting that way. I can't say specifically why they chose golbat --->crobat though. As for your Rival in HG/SS having a crobat, notice how he doesn't get one until you see him in the Dragon's Den. by that point, he saw the error in his ways, and resolved to treat his pokemon better. When he was mistreating them, it was still a Golbat, but his change of heart is symbolized through Golbat's evolution.

Wow, I actually never noticed that! I love it when you notice stuff like that it games. Thanks fo rmentioning this or I never would have noticed that Nintendo proved the rival got better.
Also, if I remember correctly, didn't golbat needed to be "traded" to evolve in the older games?  (like gen III and before/older?  Also didn't D/P/Pt.  required that too?)
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You know, the only thing I can tell you is not to argue with the Pokemon way. What is...is. Prior to that, all Pokemon either evolved by trading, elemental stones, or level-up. Generation 2 was trying to make more creative ways for Pokemon to evolve. Why Golbat to Crobat...no clue. Perhaps a better choice would've been Gloom to Bellosom. Or maybe Swinub to Piloswine. Maybe Sentret to Ferret. But like I said before, what is is. Don't ponder it. It's like, "how does a Pokemon evolve by being traded with another trainer?". It makes really no sense, but that's just the way it is.

Sentret evolves into Furret not Ferret XD NEVER compare one of my top ten pokemon to a real life creature! (although I do like ferrets...)
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