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I need a Crobat. How much happiness does it have to have exactly?

Lol, I caught a Crobat in the wild in Black.

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the moment you catch golbat it has 70 base happiness which means you need 150 more
luxury ball doubles the amount of happiness earned
soothe bell does the same
so i think if you catch golbat with luxury ball and make it hold soothe bell it would turn its happiness earned into 4x or quadrupled
level up earns you 5-6 happiness points in black so 20-30 if quadrupled
so you need 5-7.5 level ups with the help of luxury ball and soothe bell
but http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Happiness
states that soothe bell only gives 1.5x multiplier which means the actual level up you need is
7-8.5 with the help of luxury ball
also note that vitamins will also work like one level up.
the only thing im not sure if luxury ball plus soothe bell will give 3.5x multiplier.
if it does not,then you will need at least 15 level ups.
hope this helps