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As usual i'm having trouble with happiness ¬_¬ I got it up to lv10 without letting it faint, healing it whenever it needed it and it seemed reasonalbly happy until I gave it the soothe bell and suddenly it hated me >.< so how much happiness will it require to evolve and are they any good ways to boost happines other than the massage person??


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No Ninja, there is actually a specific number you need to get before you can evolve. It's 220.

To evolve Pokémon via happiness, you must reach 220 it by doing the above efforts, once that is done, you can evolve your Pokémon by making it raise a level either through battle or a Rare Candy.

oh ok bulbapedia didnt have it.
Yeah, I always check Bulbapedia **and** Serebii if serebii has it.
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Raise its happiness to 220. (thanks HF)

a guide to what makes pokemon happy and unhappy in Gen 4.

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