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Whenever I level up my Eevee with enough friendship it always evolves into Espeon and not Umbreon. I'm leveling it up in the nighttime, and whenever I boot up my game I always make sure to enter and exit a building to "refresh" the day/night cycle

I think you need it to level up in the wild area. You can't do it in routes or cities
I don't think that's true
How far have you progressed in the game? Have you defeated the champion and progressed to the post game, or are you still playing the main story?
Not even at Turffield yet

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Only the wild area will register the time on your Nintendo switch if you haven’t completed the main story yet. All of the routes and cities will stay daytime regardless of the actual time. So if you want your Eevee to evolve into an Umbreon level it up in the wild area at night with high friendship.

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Where is your source
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It sounds like you're evolving your Eevee in places other than the Wild Area. As the other answer says, time in places everywhere except the Wild Area is frozen in day if you haven't completed the main story yet. This perpetual daytime also affects evolutions that depend on the time of day (or night), considering the time to always be daytime regardless of the time on your Nintendo Switch clock.

As Bulbapedia explains it:

In Pokémon Sword and Shield, time is set to specific times of day during the main story as a narrative device. This affects all areas of Galar outside of the Wild Area, and even influences evolution. After the player becomes Champion, time is no longer pre-set outside the Wild Area, and functions solely based on the system time...

So, in order to evolve your Eevee into Umbreon, you need to level it up in the Wild Area at nighttime. Once you've become Champion, time in places outside of the Wild Area will function normally.

Note: This answer doesn't add anything new to the previous answer; I only answered to provide a source.


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