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i catched a zubat at level 7 with a pokeball and the message I get from the lady in the pokefan club is that it is very friendly towards me
so my question is what message I must get to make it evolve? (it fainted 1 time as a zubat)

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the message must be:
"Your Pokemon is so kind to you! I'm a bit jealous!"
The first sentence should be about that, the second is exactly the same.

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i got the message: "it simple adores you! why, i feel like i´m intruding!" then lvl it up to 27 and evolve but not with that message maybe you got the wrong poke game
No, i own pokemon platinum
Huh, maybe thats a higher level of friendship?
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It depends on which game you are playing. Since you are playing Pokemon Platinum, you should get the following message:
"It's very friendly toward you. I can tell you treat it kindly."

Remember, just because you have the message doesn't mean you have a high enough friendship value to evolve it. The message appears at 200-254 friendship, Crobat takes 220 to evolve.

An in-depth article on friendship here.