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What are the best three Pokemon, the moves they should know, and where I can find them.

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>I will say that there is no team as though I can recommend Power for the Fort, so use the strongest Pokemon with powerful moves that you have. If you're having trouble, I recommend clearing all the areas first and running through a few of them again if you still have trouble. Dark-type, Ghost-type and Dragon-type moves should help you get through the bosses.

The Team that I used:

  • Axew --> Fraxure --> Haxorus
    Location: World Axle B1F (Meadow)

  • Cacnea --> Cacturne
    Location: Sunny Seashore (Desert)

  • Scraggy --> Scrafty
    Location: Firebreathing Mountain (Tower)

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Ok great. I used Togekiss, Gallade, and Dragonite.
Good Job. And your welcome :)
I used Runeclus,Grodon and Lucario
My team:

Scraggy ===> Scrafty