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I just got waterfall on my white 2 but I don't know if I should teach it to my golduck or not my golduck's move set is:

-Zen Headbutt
-Ice Punch


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If you have a Pokemon that can learn Waterfall (apart from Golduck) then No.
If you have no other Pokemon, then delete Scald for Waterfall.

I'll tell you its decent ingame, but looking at Golduck's stats and the moves you taught him, I wouldn't. It depends on what stat your Golduck's better in.

Attack: Go with Waterfall and delete Scald
Special Attack: Don't teach it Waterfall.

My ingame Experience: Yes.

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Well if you need a Pokemon with Waterfall then yes because your Golduck looks like a Physical attacker so I would just switch Scald for Waterfall. If you have a decent Attack stat then teach it waterfall if not then don't bother.