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Heavy Slam or Gyro Ball for Forretress?

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In Soulsilver, what would be better for Forretress?

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Heavy Slam wasn't in SoulSilver...

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Well, seeing that Forretress only weighs 277.3 lbs (125.8 kg), and he has a Base 40 Speed stat, I would recommend Gyro Ball.

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Gyro Ball would fit better to Foretress beacuse it's a very slow Pokemon.Heavy Slam, not so much beacuse there are a lot heavier Pokemon than Foretress and it isn't a good strategy though,plus Gyro ball deals more damage the slower the user is and Heavy Slam's damage doesn't depend on stats and as I said before there are a lot heavier Pokemon than Foretress.
Go with Gyro Ball.

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If asked me, I would prefer you using gyro ball

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Due to Forretress's low Speed, Gyro Ball. Also, as Mew pointed out, Heavy Slam didn't exist in SS, so Gyro Ball is your only option.

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