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I have a awasome Ferrothorn on pokemon white and just now it's learning Iron Head and i have Gyro ball with it.
I know Gyro Ball is probably better in like wifi battles and stuff but it only has 5 pp and iron head has 10 and i nead pp to the Pokemon League so i'm not sure...

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Ahem, I couldn't read that last one...

I say go with Gyro Ball because the PP isn't that big of a deal, and it will do much more damage, although you might want to consider Seed Bomb over Power Whip for your grass move.

Power Whip is my grass move and thanks J98.
btw i understand that you couldn't read the last answer it sucked!! i have no idea what such people are thinking.
Simply PP up the gyro ball's PP to 8 so it will be pretty close to what iron head is.