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Question explains it all.


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Nope. You can find them in the wild.

Source - Shiny Giratina in Platinum, first encounter.

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is a shiny Giratina better than a normal one? 'caus i keep getting my butt kicked by one
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No,more than half of the legendary Pokemon can be shiny.All of them can be found in wild,excluding Manaphy and Phione,which is only obtainable as an egg.

The legendary Pokemon that can't be shiny,which you can be sure that they are hacked,are Celebi,Arceus,Victini,Reshiram,Zekrom,Keldeo,Meloetta,and Genesect.

Genosect isn't a legendary
Yes it is,just a weaker legendary
I've been traded a shiny celebi on gts before, and gts won't let hacked pokemon get traded.
Is it true shiny xerneas, that gts won't allow trading a hacked pokemon???? I don't guess so!
you DID NOT just say genesect is weak...
I have traded hacked pokemon over the gts...
actually, genesect, keldeo and melloetta  arent legendary. they are just event pokemon
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No, you could always soft reset in gen 4 til you got a shiny. If it's a shiny zekrom or reshiram then yes it is hacked.

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