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If I have an beldum at lvl 51(ex) can I evolve it anymore in metang then in metagorss,its very important so I wait the most good answer.

Why nobody comment at my question?
Just make sure you evolve it at least at level 99, otherwise, it won't fully evolve.
Of course, you don't want to have Metang lv100, do you?

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Yes, it can evolve anytime when Beldum leveling up! so, lv51 Beldum will evolve to lv52 Metang and evolve again to lv53 Metagross...

Cool I havent know this thank you wobbuffet33 you give me the best answers
I found Pidgey lv50 in Route 228 in platinum... and now it's Pidgeot lv52
So it work you, can evolve anytime exept if its lvl 100
Yup...that's right! it 100% work...