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I'm just wondering since thats the only pokemon he has all the time. ^^

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I want to know to.
Level In the games is game mechanic, level in the anime is reference.

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In the anime there are no "levels" for pokemon, they just improve as they fight more battles and get happier and stronger. If there pokemon in the anime did "level up" Ash's pikachu would certainly be level 100(+ if possible).

But during Team Go-getters squirtle says I'm moving levels so fast !
pretty sure that the levels reset after every region so his pikachu goes back to lvl5 in unova for example, when zekrom made pikachus electricity stop working, which is why he lost to his new rival who started their journey. no source, its just my theory
Pretty sure it levelled up enough to learn Thunder before the Hoenn series
Something must happen to pikachu's level. It loses to a new snivy right after drawing with a latios.
Anime used plot convenience. It's super effective!
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It is my belief that Pikachu is level 100 or above, actually it is quite possible it is above the level 100th level. Which explains why team rocket is so fixated on this particular pikachu, so early in the anime. Often times this particular pikachu even shows how "high leveled" it is by being able to do things that other pikachus can not do. In episodes 373-374 Pikachu actually shows that it is at a level on par with legendary as Groudon's Blue Ball should only be able to be used with Legendary Pokemon, or at the very least a fully evolved Pokemon, but pikachu was so powerful that he actually went into a primal state. Nintendo has released recently that the new kind of evolution is called Primal Reversion. However in the past all other kinds of evolution's require the Pokemon to be at the pinnacle of its evolutionary state, and this does not seem to be changing for with Primal Reversion either. We all have to remember that the purpose for evolution to begin with is to keep us baited and wanting to know what happens next. So its natural to assume that all other types of evolutionary gimmick will require your Pokemon to be in its final evolutionary stage. I also believe that Pikachu started out at a very high level to begin with. As it was very hard to train, and when it was issued to Ash, it was actually not in a normal pokeball but a Thunder Ball, meaning that people were having a hard time catching it to begin with. I also find it very hard to believe that it was the only Pokemon left, as it was not suppose to be part of the trinity of starters to begin with in the anime, not only that but Professor oak had his lab in the smack middle of pallet town, so he would have a estimate of how many new trainers would be coming in. It is highly possible that the Pikachu was at its Max level when he started with Ash, seeing Pikachu is the result of an experiment conducted by Professor Oak and allegedly destroyed the lab where he was created in a momentary loss of control. It is also this thought that perhaps this experiment not only unlocked the unlimited Leveling feature of this particular pikachu but brought it to a new evolutionary branch, allowing it to surpass its final evolution in both power and ability. This would prevent pikachu from evolving because it is at its final evolution as far as normal evolution. I would also note , that I think the last thing we should remember is that Ash's pikachu is full of emotion. He has good days, he has bad days. He also seems to know when to pull a punch or let it go full throttle. Even the best fighters have bad days when they are in a "meh" mood. I would also like to note that Pikachu has been shown in the anime to be very caring to the other Pokemon. He would purposefully lose just to help the Pokemon's confidence. Someone in the comments mentioned that he lost to snivy, but you also have to remember that Snivy is a very proud Pokemon. He would lose to Snivy just to give it motivation to keep battling and get stronger.

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It would only make sense for Pikachu to be level 100, yet the most recent events distributing Ash's Pikachu have him set at level 25. His Pikachu was sent as an event Pokemon multiple times thoughout the main series games, and I don't think his Pikachu was ever sent as level 100. this Korean event had his Pikachu at level 50
Though idk if that should be the canonical answer, since this involves the video games where Ash mostly isn't present.
I'm pretty sure leveling up is very different in the anime, if it even exists at all. It seems that a Pokemon's strength behaves more realistically, like if one were to skip their upper arm workouts, their arm muscles would weaken. Since Ash brings Pikachu all the time, Pikachu would usually be pretty good in battle. Trip's Snivy was probably able to beat Pikachu anyway because Ash and Pikachu probably took a long break before they went to Unova.

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Levels do exist. One time, they had dialogue of a student talking about pidgey, and how it evolves at level 25 (I think that’s what they said, but that’s besides the point) anyways, he was talking about how pidgey evolves and learns gust. Please tell me if you want me to make this a comment because the only proof I have is experience and watching the anime.

If that is so, then maybe Professor Oak had reset Pikachu's level to 5 each time Ash had visited a new Region.
Lol, it makes sense. Else how Pikachu tied with Latios in Sinnoh League but lost to a Lvl 5 Snivy.
~BlazingStaraptor~ Yeah. Because Ash always lost a few battles, get disappointed and get better as he goes lol.