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Hi, still doing this dumb oak challenge. I have 71 hours in and one badge and I'm not sure how long I can last.

I need to evolve the following:

-Bronzer, level 20
-Cranidos, level 24
-Meditite, level 25
-Driftloon, level 18

I get about 100 exp an encounter, which gets split thanks to exp share. If I get 100 exp per a one minute encounter, how long will it take to evolve all four of these?


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Exp to evolve:
Bronzor (at lv 33): 35,937-8,000 = 27,937
Cranidos (at lv 30): 37,800-21,012 = 16,788
Meditite (at lv 37): 50,653-15,625 = 35,028
Drifloon (at lv 28): 18,439-3,832 = 14,607

Total exp needed to evolve all four: 94,360 exp
Total battles needed at 100 exp per battle: 944 battles

If every battle takes 1 minute, then that’s 15.73 hours. To account for Pokécenter runs and any other inefficiencies, an extra 1.3x should probably be multiplied on for a (probably) more accurate estimate of 20.45 hours.

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thank you i'm going to cry. i'll update you when i'm done
Why are you doing the Professor Oak challenge when you know it takes several hundred hours of grinding?
sumwun, you imput isn't really needed here. I did alpha sapphire in 80. but thanks though
My input isn't really needed anywhere on this site, but I guess here it's not as appreciated as usual.