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How long does it take to a Pokemon to reach Lvl. 75 in day care HGSS

What Pokemon are you raising? What level does it start with? Different Pokemon take different amounts of experience to level up.

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For a Pokemon in the erratic xp group:326,531
Medium fast:421875
Medium slow:429235
Slow: 525343
Fluctuating: 582187

It's asking how long, not how much Exp. Is required.
Well, each step taken gives one exp point to any Pokémon in the day-care, so just take the exp amount for the Pokémon you're raising and multiply it by how long it takes to walk/run/bike a step in the game you're playing.
True.  I forgot about that.
And how long does it take to bike a step?
Depends on method and game like im pretty sure biking is faster in oras than rse or the otherway round or you could set up a secret base with a level 100 blissey with only status moves in another copy of the game to gain xp really quick
The question asks about HGSS. Do you know how fast the bike is in HGSS?