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Hi, I have Riolu. If I wanna evolve it, does it need 2 small hearts or 2 large hearts?

This is on the Poketch Friendship Checker

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Which game are you asking about?
In any case, I think you are confused about what friendship is. Seeing as the question isn't very specific, maybe read an article about it: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Friendship
He's playing DPP because there's a Pokétch app that checks the Pokémon friendship which it shows hearts if the Pokémon really loves the trainer.
Oh, that makes sense. Ignore me then.
I love SwSh where you can easily catch a friendship pokemon in a friend ball with max raid dens lol Then they instantly evolve.
Umm I mean like if the hearts is small or large so will it evolve with small hearts or large hearts? (Just say if it’s small or large)

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Two small hearts
Your Riolu needs at least 220 friendship to evolve.


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