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Hi guys in Pokemon diamond how many steps does it take to evolve riolu? cuz I want lucario. so Just tell me the amount of steps needed to evolve riolu.

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Walking is a very inefficient method for raising friendship.

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Riolu starts with 70 friendship, unless you catch it in a friend ball.
Walking 128 steps has a 50% chance of raising its friendship by 1, unless you catch it in a luxury ball. Riolu can evolve into Lucario if its friendship is at least 220.
Therefore, it takes 256 steps on average to raise its friendship by 1. 256 * (220 - 70) = 38400 steps. It'll probably evolve faster if you feed it EV berries or level it up.

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Wow! Thanks! But I hatched Riolu so? Thanks! And so that means I need To walk 38400 steps to evolve him?