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I keep missing it :( I want to join in the fun. Is there a set timeline? Is it randomly decided? How does it get decided?

Rumble Weekend is a challenge in Pokémon Rumble. Similarly to Dream Team Quests, Nuzlockes, Safari Weeks, it’s a fan-made challenge created by the community, to be executed from the community as a whole.

During Rumble Weekends, the community comes together to shiny hunt on Pokémon Rumble for the Wii, on either the original base game, or a modded version of the game to include almost all the Pokémon. Odds are presumed to be 1/8192; the goal is to find the most shinies during the weekend and share results online.

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Rumble Weekends last from Friday 12:00 AM EST to Monday 12:00 AM EST (Midnight to Midnight) meaning you can hunt Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Rumble Weekends will not be hosted every weekend.


There is an official Rumble Weekend Twitter account. It has not posted anything since 3/14.