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I've been reading about rumble blast and its makes me interested. Now i have questions.
Is it the same as pokemon HG/SS or any color version that we use to play in DS?
And are they only compatible in N3Ds?
Can i play it without using WIFI connection just like any other versions?


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  1. its not the same as HG/SS you play as a toy pokemon and you go around defeating and collect other toy pokemon.
      2. yes since it was made for the 3ds it only works for the 3ds
      3.Yes you can play it without wifi.
Oh my.so i need to buy 3Ds... this is bad.
follow up question... Can i play my color versions in 3ds as well?
Does it have a trainer walking with the pokemon?or just pokemon alone?
You can get Rumble blast as Wii-ware can't you?
No, you're thinking of the original Pokemon Rumble.
yes, any old ds games are compatible w/ 3ds.  gameboy is not.  no trainer walking w/ pokemon. just toy pokemon that do not evolve or get stronger.
well they kind of evolve you have to trade a certain number of the pre-evolution to get the evolution. like 4 charmanders  for a charmeloeon (just and example dont take that number to heart)
its 7.  :P i should know since i gave it 2 u.