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Guess who impulse bought Rumble Blast and casually linked my mom to Rumble World.

... shiny odds?


I had no idea until I saw a dude hunt in the OG last night, that's why I want to know the exact odds for every game (if they even have shinies)

Like, shiny odds change per game and generation, so saying it's "around 1/8000" for all the games when that was only estimated for the OG isn't cool.

If they go based off of the newest generation, then THEORETICALLY world/blast should be 1/4000.

So, what are exact odds for every rumble game, please and thank you.

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Thats unanswered and outdated, not even for the same games
"In Pokémon Rumble, Shiny Pokémon may rarely appear. They will always tip over when defeated. The chances of their appearance are unconfirmed, although they appear to occur more often than in the core series. Shiny Pokémon are always given a special trait, a blue name in menus, and a star below their picture on the Collection screen. Some Shiny Pokémon can be obtained by the use of passwords. (Source)

So the chance in Pokemon Rumble is... >1/8,192!

Source: Above Link"
I asked for each game, specifically the new ones, and that isn't exact odds
I don't think Rumble World had any shinies.
According to this answer, there are only shines in the original rumble game, as J said.  What the exact odds are in the original, I’m not sure, sorry.  
It’s also rumble weekend 19, so that’s pretty cool. https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/245586/how-does-shiny-pokemon-look-like-in-rumble-world

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In Rumble World & Blast they don't have shiny Pokemon, sorry. In Rumble for Wii and Rumble U for Wii U the shiny odds are 1/8,192. Rush is shut down and has no shinies. Those I think are all the rumble games.

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what's your source?
PokemonDB... This site? And also Gamefaqs.
link to your sources in your answer
Your links still don't show where you got the 1/8192.