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I’ve always wondered if shiny Smeargle on GO-SNAPSHOT was possible and the odds of it. Please tell me the odds of finding a Smeargle in GO-SNAPSHOT and compare it to the odds of finding it shiny though never encountering it before.

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Previous Snapshot Pokemon could be shiny, so I don't see why they would change it.  However, no Shiny Sneargles have been spotted yet.
Yeah I know about the previous one, but I mean that random Smergle. I’m Kinda surprised about no shiny Smergle yet!
soon, idk the chances

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Shiny Smeargle has not currently been announced by Niantic, and there
were no reported sightings by players at the time of publication.

More than likely, no. Considering how many people spend their days grinding for shinies, if Shiny Smeargle existed, it would've been found already. Add to that the fact that Shiny Smeargle hasn't even been announced yet, and it makes Shiny Smeargle pretty unlikely. Do note that there is the possibility that the chance could simply be incredibly small or no one has gotten lucky enough. However, this seems like a bit of a stretch.

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