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Question says it all. The reason I asked this is because I got a shiny on my 3rd stage in the game, and that made me wonder has the rate been officially confirmed?

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I don’t think that’s the exact same thing, he wants official and the answer on my q doesn’t have any official sources (I just double checked)
Yeah TY, datamine or interview. Also, the other question you linked doesn't answer my question I want official data.
clearing flags because the other question's answer does not match the sources and is probably wrong
If that's the case, then shouldn't the answer on the other question be unselected or hidden?
The other question's asker was okay with that answer, but PKThunder isn't. I think this means these are 2 different questions.

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Unfortunately, the odds have never been confirmed or officially commented on.

As of August 2021, there's only been assumptions, but nothing offical.

Source: Lot's of looking into this

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The odds are speculated at being 1/8192 but they've never been confirmed. Shinies in Rumble aren't uncommon, however, trying to get SPECIFIC shinies is a real challenge and grind of phases. It's 100% luck and persistence.


I don't think Nintendo has ever commented on this game. I searched "official Pokemon rumble interview" and literally nothing came up.

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Oh wait was this question asking about the og Pokemon Rumble?:
Yeah, the OG rumble. The wii one.
OG Rumble has shinies. Rumble World does not.
Gotcha. Ok I'll do some research and get back to you later today