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I found a shiny Woobat when I was with Bianca but she made it faint so what is the chances of finding one again??

I found a shiny Skorupi at reversal mountain in Black 2 but I have the shiny charm because I managed to obtain all 649 Pokemon by trading (only took 2 years)! It is still very rare with that charm but before I had it I had never seen a shiny wild pokemon. Now I've seen 3 - Skorupi, Magnemite and Magneton.

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You found a shiny Woobat with Bianca? That just makes me laugh. Anyway, I'm pretty sure the shiny chance is the same, 1/8192.


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yeah I didn't think it was going to happen but its true!
LOL Unlucky.
lol at this
I wish her pokemon didn't know shadow ball!
does this mean I need to do 8192 battles and one of those battles will be a shiny Woobat?
so if i wanted somthin shiny i should come here??? it seems that i can get a better chance at excadrill while just heading for dust clouds. i got a shiny one!
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Chance of finding Woobat: 35 / 100
Shiny: 1 / 8192

LOL Ninja... does that count as more info?
No, it counts as the right answer :P
I ALWAYS get a Woobat but not shiny.