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So let's say that I have a swampert that has avalanche, a slowpoke with curse and a ditto. How can I breed so that I get a mudkip with avalanche and curse?

Ok thanks for the answers but I found a way : I bred a female lapras with male slowpoke who    had curse in Soulsilver, kept breeding until I got a male Lapras, then I taught it avalanche so that it has both curse and avalanche. Then I hatched female mudkip by breeding male swampert with ditto aka breeders best friend. Then I simply bred the male Lapras who had curse and avalanche with the female mudkip and voila, I got a mudkip with avalanche and curse.

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If you're in Gen 4... first breed Slowpokes and Dittos until you have a male Slowpoke. Then, train it to level 37 so it evolves into Slowbro. Do not forget Curse~Then, teach it Avalanche by TM. Then, breed Dittos and Swamperts until you get a female swampert. Then, breed the female Swampert with the male Slowbro...

- http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/swampert/egg
- http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/slowbro

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Get a Male Slowbro with Avalanche(obtainable through Gen IV TM). Also have it know Curse(can be obtainable by Move Relearner). Then have a female Swampert. The result is you should have a Mudkip with Avalanche and Curse.

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