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In white 2


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You do need to teach it via TM to any of its compatable parents(male) in GenIV. Then you have to breed it onto a Mudkip. OOOOOooor, you can just teach Swampert Ice Punch via Move Tutor in Black2/White2. And Ice punch is better anyways.

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Thanks! I will teach it ice punch then.
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Breed it with a male Lapras/Mudkip/Marstomp/Swampert/Snover/Abomasnow

Source : http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/swampert/egg#move-avalanche

They only learn it through breeding too.
i think you can just use the TM from Gen 4 after defeating candice and teach it to a snover where you can easily catch at the forest before snowpoint city and just trade it to your b2/w2
I don't have any other games. I got Swampert over the GTS.
oh then find a user from this site and asked whether they can trade or not