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I recently realized swampert isn't weak to any gyms, elite 4, and champion as mentioned above.

Rustboro: Easy
Fortree: Easy, as Swampert can get Ice Beam from abandoned ship
Mossdeep:Solrock and Lunatone are rock types, so: Easy
Sootopolis gym: Neutral, since water don't resist ground type moves

Sidney:Neutral, Ice beam for his cacturne
Drake:Easy , dealt with Ice beam

Steven: Steel types, lets see, oh:Easy

I mean all it takes is just a swampert with ice beam, earthquake, surf and mud shot.

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An overlevelled Swampert is one of the easiest ways to beat the games.
I know, most gamers just use swampert to beat the entire game and some HM slaves.
Also, I didn't really get your question. What is it that's confusing you here? Because it feels more like a statement rather than a query.
You'd need PP Ups and PP Max and maybe some X items and yeah, you can potentially solo the ganes
Asking if you can beat the entire game with just a swampert, including beat your rival, beat team magma or team aqua, catch groudon or kyogre, beat wally, stuff like that.

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Of course you can beat anything in-game with any Pokémon! All it requires is a bit of over levelling to compensate for having less Pokémon. Also, as you have shown, Swampert has no weakness to any of the Gyms and Elite 4, except for Cradily's Giga Drain, but even then you have Ice Beam. Team Magma definitely poses no challenge. Team Aqua is slightly harder, but again, with some over-levelling poses no challenge. So, in conclusion, Swampert does have an easier time than the other starters against the Gyms and Elite 4, but it will still require over levelling to complete the storyline, just like any other 1 Pokémon challenge due to the sheer amount of work on Swampert. Of course, you need some HM slaves as well. Just forgot about the rivals. May is a different issue. You will always face one Grass type in the Treeko line. This is the total of the issues, but Ice Beam will be 4x Effective, so it should just require slight over levelling. Everything on her team except Wailord is weak to Ice, Water, or Ground. It should make a fairly easy battle, but make sure to OHKO that Mega Sceptile. Wally is also a blow over except for his Roserade. Luckily, you have Ice Beam to kill it with, but again over levelling is the key.

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