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I was in a few battles with my Swampert for all of you that know is part ground, so it should have an immunity to electric attacks. But for some reason, electric type moves became super effective on it and it is starting to worry me....it happens on both regular and mega swampert. Is this because of the game being buggy or are they purposely making electric type moves do damage on ground Pokemon?

What pokemon were you facing?
Maybe it was tricked/switcherooed a Ring Target?

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It was most likely an INVERSE BATTLE.

Those types of battle, as the name implies, make it so a type that would be resistant or immune to another type is now weak to that type instead, meaning your Swampert would now be affected by electric moves and not by grass moves.

You could get into those types of battles with the Proprietor Inver in the Inverse Battle Stop in Mauville City, as well as in a Secret Base if it is set to have Inverse Battles using the Proclamation.

It would help to know a bit more details tho, such as if you were playing offline or online, and what 'mon were you facing, because it could also be due to an ability (but it's unlikely, because abilities such as Mold Breaker don't affect effectiveness of types in that way).

Here are more info about Inverse Battles:

Let me know if this helped!

not even soak was used
How far were you in the battle maison? Maybe you went so far they had to use hacks :P
I wasn't even at the 10th battle yet....
Are you sure that it used Electric attacks then...? I dunno, cuz otherwise there's just the Soak explanation for it.
xD dont think he is that stupid/blind to not see its a electric attack
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Most likely, a Pokemon might use Miracle Eye/Foresight on Swampert, or they are holding a ring target. It cant be an inverse battle due to Water being weak to Electric, so Electric is 1x on Swampert during an Inverse battle.

Miracle eye only makes the target vulnerable to psychic attacks, and foresight only makes the target vulnerable to normal, ghost, and fighting attacks. It has no effect on the effectiveness of electric.