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Gabites aren't wild - exept for Pokemon Platinum - so it has to evolve from Gible. But under Cycling Road, you can't find it - in the grass. You must go into Wayward cave (aka the cave) but not the visible one. Go under the cycling road up to the top and try going up until you enter the secret cave. Then use Strength to go west and into the cave. This is where you find Gible but they are rare, so don't let it faint! I recomend a quick ball but they are roughly lv. 16 - lv. 20. The only other way is to trade from another person!

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Well, you can't find Gabite in the Wild in Pokemon Diamond. You have to either trade for it, or evolve it from Gible. Gible are found in Wayward Cave.

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Only in Wayward Cave you find gible in diamond but in platinum you can find a gabite at Victory Road,so the only way its to trade or catch gible then evolve it.