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I think I know why you thought this, it's because of the opening scene of Diamond/Pearl where the "mysterious RED Gyrados" is being studied or has been spotted. Well something of that sorts really don't remember word for word. ;)

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Red Gyarados must be found in Pokemon Diamond the same way as you would find any other shiny Pokemon.

You are probably thinking of the Red Gyarados in the gen 2 games and their remakes, which can be found in the Lake of Rage. In any region besides Johto a shiny Gyarados can only be obtained through evolving a shiny Magikarp, finding a wild shiny Gyarados, trading, or transferring.

Good luck trying to find a shiny Magikarp because they are 1/8192.


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where do you find the shny magikarp
The red gyardos is only in heartgold/soul silvers.
To get a golden magikarp or red gyardos ,its pretty rare.
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You don´t exactly catch a red gyarados it´s a shiny Gyarados and you must either Breed for one or Try to find 1 at the wild but it´s a 8192 to find one so it´s pretty hard unlike sould silver / heart gold.

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ANd can you kind darkrai in diamond?
No, Darkrai is an event Pokemon.
nope it´s impossible if you didn´t havean event or you must hack it