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I try to get a feebas for zo long is there a trick to find the right square of the day or it only guess


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Yes, actually! Mixing records in Generation IV will sync the Feebas spots to Player 1, so you can mix records with multiple games and have each person split up and hunt in different areas, potentially cutting the time to get a Feebas drastically, since every player will have the same Feebas spot for that day.

As Octazooka mentioned, though, you'll still have to fish repeatedly in every tile until one of the games finds it, so it's still quite tedious and time consuming.

What do you mean by mixing records? Using multiple games?
In the Union Room, you can Mix records with up to 5 other people in Generation IV. This mostly affected television shows and dressed up Pokemon in the Fitting Room of Jubilife TV.

Interesting fact: This also affects the Great Marsh! While this is much less convenient due to Marsh Pokemon being randomly selected, it could potentially make hunting for a rare encounter Pokemon such as Azurill, Carnivine, or the Post National Dex encounters a lot easier if you have multiple games hunting for one,
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Feebas are elusive in Mt. Coronet, similar to Route 119 in Hoenn. Instead of being found in any fishing location as would be customary with most Pokémon, Feebas are located in only four random water tiles in B1F (the foggy floor with the lake leading to Route 216). Of the total 528 fishable tiles, one Feebas tile is located within each 132 tiles (counted left-to-right then top-to-bottom). Adding to the difficulty, other Pokémon besides Feebas will still appear in the Feebas tiles as well. There is no known easy method to determine which tiles contain Feebas: the only way is to fish repeatedly in each and every water tile in B1F, doing so enough times to be reasonably confident that no Feebas are in that tile (or else risk missing a Feebas tile). (If the player reels in one Pokémon in every tile, there is a 1 in 16 (approximately 6%) chance they will pass over all four Feebas tiles without reeling in a single Feebas.) Any Rod can find Feebas. Once hooked, Feebas is fairly easy to catch, with a catch rate of 255, and they can be fished from the same tile many times. The locations of the four tiles change every day.

Basically, try fishing in each tile at least 2-4 times, and you will eventually find it.