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Where to find feebas to evolve into milotic in Pokemon platinum?

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Personally I don't blame the guy for asking. The db doesn't exactly mention which area is b1f
Maybe, but it's the only room with water for any fishing/surfing encounters to be possible. If they were having trouble finding B1F specifically then they should have said so.
True enough. Perhaps we should unclose this and rephrase the title to 'which area of mt coronet do you find feebas?' I mean, this could be of some use to others who don't know where b1f is
Yeah that's probably a better way to do it.
Thank you

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Feebas is in the room where it is foggy

It's the room that looks like this. I think this is between the entrances of the snowy routes and celestic town. Here is a video showing how to get to this room. Take note that Feebas only appears in a limited number of tiles so you'll have to manually fish every single water tile

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wow, catching feebas in platinum looks easy compared to emerald

In Platinum, the tiles where Feebas is is reset every time the clock reaches 00:00 AM, and the Feebas tiles are only in 4 RANDOM PATCHES, while Emerald's Feebas patches are in 6 random tiles and they don't reset each 00:00 AM like in Platinum. In Emerald, they reset only when you change the trendy statement in Dewford or if you decide to reset your save file.
Uh what? How does that statement make the answer wrong?
I believe they're talking about mega mismagius' comment not your answer.
Yes, I was talking about Mismagius' comment. Sorry for the confusion =.=;;)
Oh. That makes sense