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Long story short, I got a Feebas earlier today in Emerald. Female, Modest and nicknamed Fido. Okay maybe it isn't necessary to tell about her.

I plan on shiny-hunting Feebas sometime soon. If I close the game, will the tiles be reset again? Or does tile resets happen only when you reset your save file?

Bulbapedia says the tiles change every day but does not say whether you can change them by soft-resetting. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Hoenn_Route_119
Wait I think the tiles changing every day is in Gen 4 only (in Mt. Coronet), since I recall a user here saying that the tiles in Gen 3 does not change each day.

Aren't they changed only if you change the trendy statement in Dewford? And maybe resetting the save file as well, but not too sure about whether closing the game resets the tiles.

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1.) If I save and shut off the game, does it re-randomize the tiles?

Nope. only when you change the "Trendy Phrase" at Dewford the tiles re-arrange

so it can only randomize if you change the trendy phrase

picture from wikihow
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I see. Thanks Chess!
your welcome! and wow thats fast