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As you may know, Feebas in RSE is only found in one place. Route 119, home to the Weather Institute, and a body. A big, body of water, one might say.

As I have read off Serebii, out of all the tiles in this big body there are only 6 that contain the infamous (and possibly illusive to some) Pokemon Feebas. And even in those 6 tiles, it's a possibility that it is not there.

Well, would anyone have the guts to tell me how many accessible tiles of water this big body of water actually contains?
Sorry about this massive request, I'm just curious. :S

I'm going to go count right now hold on.

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Around 279. Or somthing around that haha. Did my best at counting, so you have a general idea of the odds.

6/279 = 0.02150537634408602150537634408602
rounded to about 2.2%

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Great job at counting. ;)
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There are 436 water tiles and only 6 with feebas on them.
therefore probalility of getting a feebas tile = 1/73