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I noticed that when I search the Mt. Coronet link for pokemon in that area Feebas' availability, encounter rate is listed as 'limited'. What does this mean exactly? Are there a finite amount of Feebas in Mt. Coronet or what?

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There's "limited", because you can find Feebas only on 5 squares on water there. The squares changes each day and the only way is trying and trying until found

The 5 squares do not change each day...
They are hanged web you change the phrase when talking o a man in Dewford for the "Trendy Saying".
In d/p/pt they change location everyday and it seems that
he's playing in d/p/pt not in r/s/e
It was an awesome moment when I finally found a Feebas after checking a ton of squares! Tip: once you find it, keep fishing in that square to get a bunch of them so you can pick the best nature.